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I have continued to expand my research regarding the history of tattoos and how their history has affected American society today. In order to write this second inquiry log though, I had to form an opinion, and in order to form an opinion, I had to slightly change my two main questions. So here are my new and improved inquiry questions! How has the history of tattooing in America shaped their existence today? And have there been specific moments in history that are strongly linked to this expressive art form?

So as I previously talked about, the tattoo revolution in America began with marking military men. The soldiers wanted many types of tattoos, from military insignias to pictures of loved ones back home. After learning so much about the military tattoos, I wanted to see if there had been any existence of tattooing in America before this time period. So I searched Native American tattoo history. Native Americans used tattoos to signify authority and to represent the different tribes. It’s interesting that when tattoos first began, they were used to symbolize unity and team work, but today people get them to be unique and express themselves.

I think that these significant times in history have greatly influenced the existence of tattoos in our generation. People in the military have always been known for getting tattoos and Native American tattoos were essential to their culture. Today, people with Native American ancestry often get tattoos that will portray their heritage. Military members are still known for getting tattoos of significance. The history of tattoos has carried on to present day and will continue to influence future tattoos as well.

In a paper I found called Americans Acceptance of Tattooing, the author explains that “individuals need to understand and accept new trends such as tattooing and body art in order for the art world to expand.” Although I see where the writer is coming from, I have to disagree. The art world will continue to expand even if people disagree on the appropriateness of tattoos. There are countless other types of art that don’t have anything to do with tattooing. The art world is not based solely on these permanent pictures. Tattooing will not always be favored by everyone. People will always have different opinions on the matter whether for religious reasons or simply because they don’t like the look of tattoos. The history of tattoos and the acceptance of them are directly related because as tattoos have become more popular, they have gained the approval of many people. But just because tattoos have become more prominent in society does not mean that everyone will approve of them or that people “need to understand and accept this new trend.” Everyone will have their own opinion.



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